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Duotone Foilboard Downwinder SLS 2024

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Surfcenter Teamrider Jordy Vonk helpt je graag op weg met jouw vragen!

Uncompromising Efficiency at Its Best! We've undertaken a complete overhaul of our Downwinder lineup, introducing three sleek and featherweight designs that effortlessly lift onto the foil, enabling you to soar for miles!

Among the earliest projects undertaken by the Spencer brothers, Finn and Jeffrey, upon their arrival at Team Duotone, was the revamping of the Downwinder shapes. The outcome? Streamlined, swift, and slender designs boasting unparalleled glide efficiency, achieving remarkable acceleration with just a few strokes on even the tiniest swell. In our 2024 collection, we proudly present four dedicated models: the compact 6'4" x 19” and 6'10" x 20”, the mid-sized 7'2" x 21", and the stable yet approachable 7'8" x 22.5”, each available in volumes of 85, 95, 115, and 135 liters.

These boards feature a low rocker, elongated outline, and immaculate bottom contours, rendering them exceptionally easy to propel to take-off velocity. Once in motion, the slender pin tails, equipped with prominent rail bevels on the larger variants, readily engage with the water, facilitating effortless board and foil maneuvering for take-off. Up at the nose, rounded rails minimize the likelihood of snags and unwanted steering, ensuring forgiving and neutral take-offs and landings, allowing you to concentrate on riding the swells instead of fretting over your board.

Thanks to their exceptional glide and rapid acceleration, the Downwinder boards are also formidable tools for light wind Wing Foiling!

Crafted with a lightweight, full carbon construction, these boards require delicate handling. However, recognizing that board weight plays a pivotal role in paddle-up performance, we've embraced an unwavering commitment to technology without compromise for the 2024 Downwinders.


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